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Template 60003 on products

Template 60003 on products

Template 60003 on products

picture Template 60003 on products
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9 000.00 rub. for 1 pcs.

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If you want to sell food through ecommerce, template 60003 is right for you. The color scheme of the template allows the buyer to feel the freshness of products that have just been plucked from the garden or cooked on a fire.

It includes the speed of work, thanks to 1C Bitrix, design suitable for grocery sites and the main functions of modern ecommerce. Viewing the demo of the 60003 template will convince you to purchase it. We also help with the installation and configuration on your site.

The finished design is already half the battle in creating your site, so all you have to do is fill out your ecommerce with goods and content.

A pleasant and at the same time fresh template 60003 for a food store will attract many potential customers. Ease of administration, a variety of functions, will allow you to create modern ecommerce in a short time. Thanks to a smart filter, customers can easily find the right product by selecting the desired option.

The absence of extra plug-ins, will increase the speed of ecommerce site, will allow to raise positions in search engines.
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