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Template 60020 on Flower Shop

Template 60020 on Flower Shop

Template 60020 on Flower Shop

picture Template 60020 on Flower Shop
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Template 60020 is designed for ecommerce, sites specializing in the sale of flowers, indoor plants.

Making gifts in the form of flowers, bouquets on ordinary days, and not on holidays, becomes a popular occupation. It has become convenient and comfortable to order a bouquet not in a flower shop, but directly from home, sitting on the couch via the Internet. Users are attracted to bright sites with a nice design and user-friendly functionality. The flower shop template 60020 is perfect for ecommerce selling flowers, bouquets, indoor plants. Thanks to 1C Bitrix, your site will meet the requirements of modern ecommerce.

The 60020 is fully responsive and your flower shop will look good on any device. We test each page of the template to eliminate any errors. Our technical support will install and configure the template on your site. If you have questions, gladly help you. Running a flower shop site takes a lot of time, our template will free you from the routine work of creating ecommerce, all that remains is to fill the site with bouquets.

Thanks to the demo, you can see how the template works, feel all the charm and convenience.
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