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Template 60061 on a flower shop

Template 60061 on a flower shop

Template 60061 on a flower shop

picture Template 60061 on a flower shop
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It is supposed to give flowers to celebrations. Today, on every street you can find a flower shop. But lately, orders from home, office with delivery of bouquets have increased. This is the main stream of customers that should not be missed. Therefore, the presence of the site is necessary, but the development services are very expensive.

Template 60061 on the theme flower shop will solve your problem, significantly saving time and budget. It includes a colorful design, ready ecommerce, the popular CMS 1C Bitrix with an administrative panel for site management. It will remain to fill the store with flowers, bouquets, houseplants, important news, high-quality photos.

With 1C Bitrix, your ecommerce security will be high. Flower shops have many competitors and data retention is important. To get customers you need promotion in search engines. Built-in module for filling metadata will accelerate the process of promotion.

Bouquets, flowers are ordered not only from home, but also on the street, thanks to smartphones. The flower shop template is fully responsive. Therefore, the order from any device will be convenient.
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