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Template #60011 on barbershop

Template #60011 on barbershop

Template #60011 on barbershop

picture Template #60011 on barbershop
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Any salon barber shop need a website, ecommerce. The list of services and goods barber shop is diverse, so it's not easy to tell everything by phone. This is where the site comes to the rescue.

ecommerce is a great way to express yourself and barbershop services. The client will already be aware of your services, products and their value, which will significantly reduce the time of communication.

Despite the fact that clients of hairdressers live nearby, they still find out the information on the site, ecommerce, about the availability of promotions, discounts, about the address of the salon. Also ecommerce hairdressing salon contributes to the expansion of services.

Template 60011 is the right purchase for the development of a beauty salon and barber shop website. 1C Bitrix helps you easily edit a site or ecommerce remotely. The barbershop template is adaptive and looks great on phones, computers and tablets. We have technical support for our templates, we will help you install and configure your website. Administrator from any device will be able to edit, add goods, change prices.
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6 300 руб. 9 000 руб.
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