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Template #60009 on dishes shop

Template #60009 on dishes shop

Template #60009 on dishes shop

picture Template #60009 on dishes shop
4 500.00 rub.
(Savings - 4 500.00 rub.)
9 000.00 rub.
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4 500.00 rub. for 1 pcs.

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Cookware is a necessary attribute in every home. We created a template for ecommerce ware.

Online trading is the most popular way to buy goods, including dishes, so the template on the store has a huge demand. Buyers often look for dishes on the Internet, because This simplifies the search for goods, thanks to ecommerce ware with a smart filter. Template 60009 fully meets the requirements of modern ecommerce.

Why is selling utensils so popular? Because the variety of dishes is huge: pots, pans, cups, teapots, spoons, knives, forks, etc. Without dishes you can not cook food.

To launch your ecommerce ware, you need to install the template 60009 on the site and fill it with goods and content, which takes little time and saves the budget, as the price is very low, and installation and configuration are already included in the price.

The template of the store of dishes made on 1C Bitrix, is the most popular CMS for ecommerce. To promote a website in search engines, you need to set up SEO data for each page. Do not be afraid, because everything is configured in one module and the data automatically appear on all pages with their parameters (title, description).

With us you will save budget and time.
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4 500.00 rub. 9 000.00 rub.
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