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Template #60023 on tools and equipment

Template #60023 on tools and equipment

Template #60023 on tools and equipment

picture Template #60023 on tools and equipment
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9 000 руб.
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If you decide to sell tools and equipment via the Internet, then you need a website, and self-development takes a lot of time and effort. Template 60023 can solve this problem, because you get a ready-made design, ecommerce with full functionality. It remains to fill the site with goods, photos, news.

Template 60023 is developed on the basis of 1C Bitrix, the most popular platform for ecommerce. Very convenient administrative panel for filling and editing products. Tools and equipment a huge amount, but you can not worry with such a system.

The template 60023 is responsive and looks great on any device, be it a computer, tablet or smartphone, so you will not miss potential customers. High positions in search engines for phrases tools and equipment are very important for a business; the number of customers depends on them. in 1C Bitrix convenient filling of metadata for SEO and do not forget to periodically replenish the site with a product with a unique description.

Our technical support will install and configure the template 60023 for your ecommerce site for free.
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6 300 руб. 9 000 руб.
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