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Created template for online sports store

Created template for online sports store

Created template for online sports store

Created template for online sports store Due to inadequate nutrition and low mobility, the population often began to visit sports shops for sports. Thanks to the sport, we have improved health, health. That we can purchase the necessary form, inventory. It is not always possible to find the desired model, brand, size, color, so they often began to make purchases without leaving home through the Internet and search engines. But for such orders you must have an online store, and webmasters have very expensive website creation services.

Sports Shop Template 60117 is perfect for you. You get a quality layout, the main color is orange, made by our developers, a ready online store for selling balls, clothes, managed through the administrative panel 1C Bitrix. You just have to fill the site with simulators, news about athletes, high-quality photos.

Security online store will provide you with protection against viruses and hacker attacks. Therefore, the antivirus is integrated into the template 60117 and there is a possibility of regular backups, which ensures double security. The main source of visitors is website promotion through search engines for phrases associated with a sports store. To speed up this process, the function of adding metadata is enabled in 1C Bitrix.

Template 60117 is perfect for computers, tablets, smartphones, as it is fully adaptive.

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Май 27, 2019

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