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Template 60001 on wedding salon

Template 60001 on wedding salon

Template 60001 on wedding salon

picture Template 60001 on wedding salon
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Wedding is an event requiring special design for a website or ecommerce. Template No. 60001 includes bridal salons, bridal ecommerce, wedding gift ecommerce, bridal stores, etc. In it, we took into account the newest directions in design. You can be sure that you get a quality website.
In template No. 60001, we used beautiful banners and easy navigation. The design is made in soft colors. The peculiarity of the template 60001 in wedding bouquets, which are located almost everywhere: slider, banners. This will create a festive atmosphere for your potential customers. It has everything for modern ecommerce:

  •     Convenient filter to search for goods.
  •     Selected items.
  •     Comparison of goods.
  •     Add products to favorites.
  •     Add item to cart.
  •     Discounts.
  •     Placing an order on one page, etc.

Template number 60001 - universal. This means that ecommerce based on template No. 60001 will be displayed equally well on any screen, from phone to large monitor. Creating a template, we took into account all the nuances, so there will be no problems with the work of ecommerce.
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