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Template 60026 on a flower shop

Template 60026 on a flower shop

Template 60026 on a flower shop

picture Template 60026 on a flower shop
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Flower shop is a competitive business requiring a colorful website, ecommerce. Independent development of the site is a laborious process, and the search for developers is also expensive. Template 60026 will save you the hard work of creating a flower shop site. You get a professional design, full functionality of modern ecommerce.

To convey the beauty of flowers and bouquets, we used colorful colors in the template. The buyer no longer needs to look for a flower shop on the street, just find your website on the Internet. Template 60026 was developed on the 1C Bitrix platform, in which it is convenient to fill and edit bouquets of flowers.

Our template is adaptive, the flower shop will look equally great on a computer, on a tablet, on a smartphone. Therefore, your site will always be available. Technical support will install and configure the template 60026 to your website, help you understand editing bouquets, setting up ecommerce. You will understand that 1C Bitrix is ​​a very convenient system.

Start your business with our 60026 template, you will save time and budget.
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